CEO's Greeting

Sung Won Industry Co., Ltd.
Founded on April 1, 1970, Sung Won Industry is the first manufacturer of inner seal for sealing coffee (cap seal lining material).

Before that, inner seal had been mostly imported from abroad, so many Korean manufacturers of food, drinks and medicine started purchasing in our products. This became the turning point for the localization of special packaging for sealing.

The packaging business undergoes rapid changes that reflect the overall modernization trend in the industry. Our products are applied in a wide range of food and industrial packaging, including packaging for food, beverages, medicines, engine oils, pesticides and etc.
We develop products that meet the safety and quality expectations of our customers by providing reliable protection of the contents (removal of hazards), preventing rancidification and counterfeiting (using holograms).

All our products are certified by FDA, EU and ISO. We strongly adhere to the spirit of our company which includes the principles of high quality, service, fair prices and trading order.

Thank you for the attention.
Hwan Yong, Park / CEO