Sealing effect

Sealing effect

High-frequency sealing prevents leaks as well as contamination by external substances, increasing the shelf life of the products and allowing consumers to check whether they have been opened or not, thus making the products more reliable and safe.
  • Leak prevention

    Leak prevention

  • Pilferage protection

    Pilferage protection

  • Freshness Retention

    Freshness Retention

  • Tamper evidence

    Tamper evidence

  • Production Speed

    Production Speed

Areas of application

Used in various industrial fields, including the following.
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Medical supplies
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Foods
    • Dairy
    • Dairy products
    • Beverages
    • Cosmetics, health and beauty products
    • Petroleum products for automobiles
    • Chemical
    • Agricultural chemistry
    • Animal care and medicines
    • Computer equipment / ink
    • Inks, dyes, carbon products
    • Laundry detergents / products
    • Paint
    • Paste
    • Children's toys (clay, foam, etc.)
    • Instrument management products (cleaner, resin, lubricant, polish)
    • Hunting / fishing aids
    • Sporting goods
    • Home remodeling products