EPE, Polymer Seal

  • EPE, Polymer Seal
  • EPE, Polymer Seal

Made from foamed polyethylene, this seal features high elasticity and resilience. Mainly used in screw-type plastic or metal caps. Interacts between the cap and the opening of the container, and seals bottles to prevent leakage and contamination by external substances. This allows effective sealing even when the surface of the container inlet is not flat. Various lamination options (PE, PET, PP, OPP, Saranex, PVDC, PVOH, Tin-plate, etc.) are available to meet the requirements, foam density (Low density, High Density) and thickness can be adjusted. Provided in disc (Pre-cut), O-ring (Donut shape) and tape (Reel/Roll) forms.

  • Product Composition
    EPE, Polymer Seal Product Composition

    ※ Layer structure may vary depending on the type of container
         and the contents.

  • Advantages
    Prevents leakage of contents
    Prevents contamination by external substances
    Effective sealing
    Food, wine, medicine, edible / engine oil, cosmetics, etc.
    Types of containers
    All plastic containers, glass bottles