Glue Seal (Wad & Membrane)

  • Glue Seal (Wad & Membrane)
  • Glue Seal (Wad & Membrane)
  • Glue Seal (Wad & Membrane)

Includes two types: sealing the opening of the container with edible glue, and the induction type adhered by melting the sealant layer. Glue seal comprises aluminum foil/PE/glassine paper layer, and induction seal contains aluminum foil/sealant layer. The integral product contains two layers, the part that is inserted inside the cap when it is opened, and the part that adheres to the sealed part which is opening of the container. The material that is inserted inside, is wedged into the leak prevention line on the inner side of the cap, while the membrane glued to the container opening protects the inside of the container with a strong seal. The membrane shield increases the shelf life of the product and preserves the unique properties and the flavor of the product. Printing on membrane allows to show the logo of the customer’s company.

  • Product Composition
    Glue Seal (Wad & Membrane) Product Composition

    ※ Layer structure may vary depending on the type of container
         and the contents.

  • Advantages
    Extends shelf life through strong sealing
    Preserves the properties and flavor of the contents
    Coffee (instant powder coffee), pharmaceuticals, powdered products (powder, food)
    Types of containers
    Glass bottles